August 13, 2014 Laura Wiley

Top 10 Check List: What to look for in an advertising/marketing firm

You want an agency that is a great fit – one that meets your specific needs.

Make sure to align yourself with the right agency that sees eye-to-eye on what is important to you in order to develop a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

Here are a few key criteria to compare to the relationship with your current agency; if they are not meeting your expectations, it may be time to look around.

Top 10 Check List: Make sure that that agency you choose will …

  1. …understand & align with your objectives
  2. …keep you & your business top of mind at all times
  3. …be forthcoming with fresh ideas & innovative solutions
  4. …be engaged & involved with your product(s)/service(s)
  5. …propose strategies that drive results/ROI (defines KPIs/success metrics)
  6. …create SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Reasonable & Timely)
  7. consider your consumer experience (integrated strategies & campaigns)
  8. …keep the interest of your company as a whole in mind (not just the
    marketing piece)
  9. …always be available & responsive – your go-to resource (providing
    consulting and value)
  10. …leveraging their network to provide additional resources & opportunities


Please share your thoughts and suggestions – feedback is always welcome!

Laura Wiley, Principal/CMO,


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