August 20, 2014 Laura Wiley

Sourcing Great Marketing Content

Ideas for content can really come from anywhere….

….News headlines, conversations with colleagues, brainstorming sessions with customers, meetings with prospects, emails with strategic partners, day to day business challenges, following industry trend posts and blogs, newsletters, influencers, networking opportunities, group chats,… you name it, ideas and hot topics are all around you.

Many times though there are great resources out there that provide inspiration. Here is a link of some new insights to share – a TOP 10 list that may help spark ideas of your own to share and inspire the world around you.

Content Marketing – Infographic

Consider that no topic is a bad idea, just consider the relevance of it – the timing and audience you are speaking to that you want to impact.

Tip: Start a list of ideas.

Jot down ideas and tackle one at a time, different topics may trump others, but when you are facing a blank screen, reference your go to list of ideas and hope that the juices start to flow. When in doubt, think about the last business conversation you had and what you learned, that is a good jumping off point.

Carpe Diem for Great Marketing Content!

What’s on the top of your mind today?

Feedback, ideas and suggestions always welcome!

Laura Wiley, Prinicpal/CMO,

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