Got Brand Strategy?

All strategy starts with who, what, where, when, how and most importantly why. Without this (and all of this) there is a huge gap in creating your business goals.

However often this is not easy or simple or quick to define. It takes some business soul searching to create these critical attributes. Many times, organizations want to jump right in – and without having a plan – they don’t know where they are headed.

Brand strategy can address all of that – how you effectively communicate your service, product or idea determines how successful you will be. After all, it’s how you want your customers to perceive you, what is in it for them and why they should pay for what you have to offer.

While strategy may be difficult to comprehend, it shouldn’t be put aside. To make it a little easier to address, we have put together a quick outline to focus on specific areas.


You Business is your Brand

Define what you offer that is of value that is different from everyone else.


Integrated Efforts

Everything that you do is marketing your brand, consider this in every channel, tactic, message and activity you create.


Engage with your Audience

Make what you have to offer an emotional connection, listen to your audience and respond (proactively/reactively) to their needs.


Build Brand Loyalty

It requires so much to acquire a new customer, treasure them and make them feel special – thank them for they are what have made you what you are today.


Track your Activity

Success can only be measured by defining what the finish line looks like; take the time upfront before implementing programs to determine your desired outcome and measure it.


Adapt and Pivot

Listening to your customer’s need should be your number one priority – many times, evolving your business model may be required – either pivot to do so or persevere to follow your target market.


Keeping a Competitive Advantage

Always be on the look for new competitors – as soon as you have a business model that works, others will be hungry to takeover and take away customers from you; stay sharp and stay ahead.



Is your brand strategy solid? If you think it is lacking, it may be time to define and refine the missing links. Businesses are never stagnant and this exercise should be reevaluated often to make sure your brand strategy is solid and effective.

5 Steps to a Successful Marketing Campaign

5 Steps to a Successful Marketing Campaign

1. Make it Compelling. Speak to your audience through an enticing headline, strong offer, and prominent call to action. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. Consider what would get you to act and buy now?
2. Integrate your Marketing. Repurpose your marketing efforts. Repeat your offer over and over again. Make sure to include the value you bring to your audience through unique features and benefits. Consumers need to be told something 7xs before they buy, be consistent to be effective.
3. Ask for the Sale. Make your products and services accessible and easy to acquire. Ask for the sale with a clear way to act and create a sense of urgency to drive response. Don’t be shy: you don’t get what you don’t ask for. Let your audience know you have what they want, when they want it, and it’s simple to get. You’ve heard of it: right place, right time? Buy now!
4. Promote, Promote, Promote. Take your message to the hills and beyond. You don’t have to have deep pockets to penetrate the marketplace with your goods, however you need to be persistent and creative. Whatever marketing channels you are in, get your message out there – online, offline, on the street, word of mouth. Just spread the word.
5. Measure your success. You won’t know if what you are doing is “working”. This is the biggest marketing miss – not tracking performance. Track to make sure you are getting a positive ROI for the time, money, and resources you have invested. Determine KPIs upfront and track to make adjustments the next go around, improve, and repeat.


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